Jeffrey Gibson
Jeffrey Gibson 

Jeffrey A. Gibson 1321 Upland Dr. Suite 4108 Houston, TX, 77043

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I am a AWS Certified Welding Inspector 11060811, with D1.1 and API 1104 endorsements.

I am a NACE Level 2 Coatings Inspector –Certified.

I am ASNT MT & PT Level II qualified, previous Certified Level II MT.

I am AWS Certified FCAW & SMAW 3G & 4G, previous 6G pipe SMAW/GTAW. 


My career goals are opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry as a Certified Welding Inspector, Overseas and Off-Shore, Hostile work locations suits me very well.  I welcome short-term to permanent assignments. I prefer the challenge and continuous focus of the 12 hour, 7 day work week.


I have the OPITO BOSIET with HUET & EBS, HUET with Rope, Safe Gulf, Safe Land, Rig Pass.

(Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization Basic Offshore Safety Introduction Emergency Training Helicopter Underwater Egress Training & Emergency Breathing System)


I am a U.S. Army Combat Infantry Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan.

I served 2004-2005, I am a Member of the VFW, American Legion, and IAVA.  I have Afghanistan and Iraq DOD contracting experience and currently hold a Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance.


The following is 10+ years of my Supervisory Experience a proven asset to Welder's Quality, Production, Skills Enhancement (coaching), and Work Environment/Moral, and Safety, Code and procedure enforcement.


As a First-Class Welder at Jeffboat “America’s Largest Inland Shipbuilder” I was responsible for Second-Class and Tack Welders, I was assigned Lead Welder on various Special Vessels Heavy Construction critical projects such as Hulls, Bows, Bulk Heads, and Sump Pipe Welding.  In addition, I took Supervisory responsibility for non-union Temporary Welders, to insure quality, machine parameters, and  production. I have instruction experience at Jeffboat weld school, training and testing experience.  


Over 2 1/2 years at AGS/AECOM/AC First, I was responsible for more than 20 Welder Helpers, (Other Country Nationals, OCNs) who worked in 3 different Afghanistan Forward Operating Bases.  I trained and supervised these Welder Helpers assigned to me to complete Mission Essential Fabrications, Heavy Construction gates, steps, fuel & solvent tanks. In addition, I trained more than 8 OCNs for Welder Certification at Bagram Afghanistan. At Camp Phoenix, I conducted training of 3 soldiers of the U.S. Army. I have been recognized more than 3 Times by the United States Army for my Welding and Fabricating ability, Supervision, and dedication.


As a Certified Welding Inspector for Gyrocam/Lockheed Martin, I Supervised 4 Welders and Certified 2 Welders.  I was responsible for Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) enforcement.  Inspection document creation, Supervised and checked drawings specifications, Safety supervision and briefings of welders preforming work.


As a CWI for Navistar Defense MRAP Survivability Upgrade (MSU), I Supervised 5 Welders, I enforced a Strict WPS for 1/2in MIL-46100 HHA (High Hardness Armor) I supervised compliance of strict interpass temperature and back-step process.  I supervised the cleaning of HHA, compliance with Navistar documented procedure, Safety supervision of welders preforming work.  The 30+ Ton MRAP vehicle MSU program in the field is a Heavy Construction project. I had CWI/Supervisory Responsibility for over 45 Million dollars worth the vehicles. 


As a CWI for TUV Rheinland 2 Welder Certification (WPQR), QA supervising oversight of QC at Stupp Bridge, to Include Magnetic Particle Inspection, RT Film Interpretation, VT Weld Inspection, Oversight supervision of Paint Department, SSPC cleaning and paint mil thickness measurements. Supervision of rod oven, flux and paint storage, QA supervision oversight of 2 CWIs, 3 NDT Technicians, procedure correction and weld rejection of 3 welding operators.   


Additional supervisory experience is 2 1/2 years, as a United States Army NCO/Sergeant, Ohio National Guard.  I am a Graduate of the Primary Leadership Development Course.  I have 2 years as a Shift Supervisor working for AMAC Enterprises Induction Heating Plant responsible for the training, production, quality, and safety of at least 12 machine operators over 2 years.   


As a CWI and Supervisor, I am interested and have experience preparing and conducting safety classes, conducting risk assessments and safety programs, welder training and coaching.  I have has always been serious about taking responsibility and leadership.  I have a strong work ethic and pride, involved and dedicated.  I am interested in continuous improvement of myself and those assigned to me, developing successful team and work environment.  I am attention to detail and accountable, I have proven highly capable of learning new procedures and processes, and implementing lessons learned.


Jeffrey A. Gibson 1321 Upland Dr. Suite 4108 Houston, TX, 77043

Phone: 281-433-9821 Email:



Career Objective

My career goals are opportunities as a Certified Welding Inspector, Welding Supervisor, Welding Forman in the Oil & Gas industry.



AWS Certified Welding Inspector 11060811, D1.1, June 2011    

API 1104 Certified Welding Inspector, April 2012.

NACE LEVEL 2 Coating Inspector, 2015

ICC Certified Bolting Special Inspector, 2017                   

ASNT MT & PT Level II Qualified, September, 2011.                

Magnetic Particle Level II Certified, March 2013.

FCAW 3G, 4G, 2013

FCAW 3G, 4G, with RT, 2013

SMAW 3G, 4G 2010, 2011


HUET with Rope, Rig Pass, Safe Gulf, Safe Land, 2014

Fall Protection User, 2014 Fall Rescue, 2014




Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy Ohio, Combination Structural & Pipe Welding, 2002. AWS Certified Tig/Stick Combination 6G Pipe.

Cleveland State University, Cleveland Ohio, Bachelor of Arts, 1999, Certificate in Criminal Justice 1992.




Indiana National Guard/ Afghanistan, 2004-2006. Indirect fire Infantryman Specialist/E4. Active Duty Deployment to Afghanistan (7/04-7/05), Army Commendation Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge.


Ohio National Guard, 1988-1994. Indirect fire Infantryman Sergeant/E5

Primary Leadership Development Course, 1991.


United States Army, 1984-1987. Indirect fire Infantryman Specialist/E4

Service in Germany & Korea.




Chicago Bridge & Iron, Cameron LNG CCJV Project, Hackberry Louisiana, 8/16-12/16, RCSC Bolting inspections of Pipe Racks, D1.1 Welding Inspections of Pipe Supports, Craft Surveillance Inspections and Report Writing. Extensive Weld and Bolting Rejections and Tracking, Re-Inspections and Craft Instruction and Coaching. Aerial Lift Platform Inspections, Tight-Fit, Confined and difficult location Inspections.


Vogtle 3 & 4 Nuclear Power Plant, Waynesboro, Georgia, Chicago Bridge & Iron Nuclear, 11/15-8/16, Westinghouse Nuclear, Fluor Corporation. AP1000 Certified Welding Inspector, Responsible for Nuclear Island 3 Containment Fit-Up and Final Visual Weld Inspection, Document Review, AP1000 561 & 540 Certifications, NDT Review/Preparations and Requests.


Versa Integrity Group, Houston, Texas, 3/15-4/15, Certified Welding Inspector, Package Walk Downs, Hyro Testing witness, Piping fit-up dimension checks, flange welding inspection WPS Enforcement, Rebar Welding Inspection, pipe rack construction, field bolt inspection witness, Field Audits of Craft and Supervision, Witness Torque of Flanges, Work Package Documentation, Consult and Advise Zachry Construction.  


Subsea 7, Houston Texas, 12/14-12/14, Certified Welding Inspector, Seven Borealis J-Lay Tower Repair Project. VT Inspection, MT & UT Oversight, Fabrication & Fit-Up Supervision, Documentation & Turn Over Package. Urgent Project Successfully Completed on Time.


Cal Dive International, Houston Texas, 5/14-7/14, Certified Welding Inspector, Exxon Mobile, Pipe Lay Replacement Project. Pipe Inspection VT & MT Inspection, FBE Coatings Inspection, WPS Enforcement, Weld mapping, Weld defect repair, consumable, parameters Documentation, Exxon Client Consultation, Weld Repair Supervision, Welder & Weld Helper Supervision. 56 Day Gulf of Mexico Project,  


TUV Rheinland of North America, 11/2013 to 5/2014, Certified Welding Inspector, Fabrication Shop WPS & WPQR Certification, Customer Service/Client Consultation, RT Film Interpretation, Extensive D1.5 Code Enforcement for Mississippi DOT, QA Supervisory oversight of 2 CWIs and 3 NDT Technicians, 3 welding operators.   


Navistar Defense/4M Research, Afghanistan, 2/2013-5/2013, Certified Welding Inspector, FCAW Certified Welder, Installation of vehicle upgrades, Supervisor of 5 FCAW welders.


AGS/AECOM/AC First, Afghanistan, 10/2008-10/2009, 3/2010-3/2011, 6/2012-11/2012), Responsible for the Supervision of more than 20 Welder Helpers, Trained and supervised Welder Helpers assigned, complete Mission Essential Fabrications, Heavy construction gates, steps, fuel and solvent tanks, Trained more than 8 OCNs for Welder Certification.


Gyrocam Technical Services/Lockheed Martin, Afghanistan, 8/2011-3/2012, Certified Welding Inspector, Field Representative, responsible for welder certification, supervision, inspection, reports, system installation and Marine Corps training.


KBR/Halliburton Iraq, November 2006-November 2007, Certified Welder, Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Fabrication, Truck & Trailer Repair, Supervisor of 6 OCN Helper personnel.


JeffBoat Jeffersonville Indiana, December 2003-August 2006, First-Class Welder/Lead. All position Flux-Cored, Responsible for Second-Class and Tack Welders, assigned Lead Welder on various Special Vessels Heavy Construction critical Projects such as Hulls, Bows, Bulk Heads, and Sump Pipe Welding, Supervision of non-union Temporary Welders. Weld school instruction and testing.


Documentation: Transcripts, School Certificates, US Army DD214s Awards & Honors, Pictures, Certifications Available Upon Request.


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Jeffrey Gibson AWS Certified Welding Inspector & NACE Level 2 Coatings Inspector Certified.